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Overseas plant engineering for powder-handling equipment

Engineering in China, Southeast Asia and North America

Toyo Hitec expands the business of engineering of powder-handling plants, not only in Japan, but across the world. In addition to China, the company has built many plants in Southeast Asia and North America. The company established subsidiaries in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia to conduct a comprehensive plant construction including planning, estimation, design, procurement, on-site construction, and commissioning.
In North America, Toyo Hitec also cooperates with construction companies and trading companies in building plants there. Toyo Hitec can design the most suitable plant according to the requirements of customers, by incorporating the best equipment from in and outside Japan, such as mixers and dryers from amixon GmbH or grinders and classifiers from NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH, both world famous manufacturers.
The company conducts overseas plant engineering under the same technical standards as in Japan, while maintaining construction costs feasible at the local standard.


North America

Southeast Asia

Track record

United States, Mexico We delivered various plant facilities such as battery material production equipment, ceramic conveying, measuring and classification equipment, feed additive production equipment, and carbon conveying and measuring equipment.
Southeast Asia
To China, we delivered various plant facilities such as battery material production equipment, battery cell production equipment, mixture powder production equipment, and non-metal powder measuring and classification equipment to Chinese, Japanese, and foreign companies doing business in China. In addition, we delivered many plant facilities to Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries and are currently receiving many inquiries.

Major overseas suppliers of processing equipment

Amixon GmbH / NETZSCH Trokenmahltechnic GmbH and others