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Management philosophy (Basic policy)

CEO Yoichiro Mitani CEO
Yoichiro Mitani

One of the objectives of doing business is to create a company that pleases, comforts, and satisfies the people around the company. Creating a company that provides society, employees, and shareholders with pleasure, comfort, and satisfaction is the top priority for the management. Only by doing so, the company can continuously receive orders from existing customers and obtain orders from new customers. That is the source of the growth and survival of the company, which again leads to the happiness of stakeholders.

Toyo Hitec will aspire to become the most reliable partner for customers, as a powder specialist who attentively supports customers, provides useful services and equipment, flexibly responds to any requirements, and earns long-lasting trust and confidence from customers.

Our company motto is
SMILE quickness and convenience (A miller with a nice smile, who quickly responds to requirements and is much helpful for customers.)

Corporate mission: creation of pleasure

Our raison d'etre as a company is to provide the people around us including our customers with pleasure, comfort, and satisfaction through creation and delivery of excellent powder-handling equipment and facilities.

Management paradigm: development of an attractive personality

We place great importance on developing a corporate personality that is liked by people around us through our business activities, in order to create a happy society, to develop the company, and to make our employees happy.
Basic policy
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