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Excellent powder-handling technologies and provision of powder-handling equipment that enables high-quality plant construction


For dilute-phase conveying, Aspec is available. For dense-phase conveying, Highpresso and Plug Master are available. Aspec with its highly hygienic and airtight construction is ideal for the requirements of conveying powder in a contamination-free environment such as handling of fine chemicals. The structures of Highpresso and Plug Master are applicable to both batch and continuous conveying. Highpresso can be turned off and restarted during the operation.


Breaker Boy is one of our bestselling models, with a vibrator designed by us.

Measuring and filling

Chucking master with its simple structure prevents external dust emissions in feeding and filling of materials into flexible containers and paper bags. The equipment ideally improves working conditions. The Ultima unit, a combination of chucking master and measuring equipment, is also available.


Versatile circle feeder breaks bridges, prevents unevenness (segregation) of powder, and stably feeds materials.


Hi-Bolter disperses powder in air stream and filters by screen to achieve accurate classification. It is an on-line operative sieve and installable on pneumatic conveying systems. The equipment can handle the classification of fine powder and is ideal for the handling of high value-added quality powder. It is possible to classify spherical-shape powders and fluffy powders that are difficult to filter by conventional vibration sieves.