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Environmental policy

To preserve the global environment, Toyo Hitec Co., Ltd., has established an environmental management system and obtained company-wide ISO14001 certification. The company conducts overseas plant construction under similar environmental standards as in Japan. The company not only addresses energy saving, resource saving, and waste reduction, but continues to contribute to preservation of the environment through its business activities.


Basic philosophy

Toyo Hitec recognizes that protection of the environment is the highest priority issue shared by the entire human race. The company therefore complies with all regulatory requirements, prevents pollution, and voluntarily and continuously strives to preserve the global environment through all its business activities, which are centered on plant engineering for powder and granular materials.

Basic policy

- Set environmental objectives and targets and strive to preserve resources, energy, and the environment.
- Reduce waste and encourage recycling.
- Develop and provide products and services with due consideration to energy saving, resource saving and preservation of the environment.
- Promote the reuse of secondhand powder-handling equipment to contribute to resource and energy saving.
- Publicize this basic philosophy and policy to our employees and to the public.
  April 1, 2014
President and Representative Director, Yoichiro Mitani