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Since its foundation in 1964, Toyo Hitec has been one of the leading sales and engineering companies specialized in powder-handling equipment and plants, having more than 50 years of experience in providing a wide range of equipment to many companies in various industries such as foods, chemicals, ceramics, electronic materials, and pharmaceuticals, by properly responding and satisfying customer requirements. In particular, the company has an impressive track record in constructing powder-handling plants for producing battery materials, not only in Japan but also abroad. Today, customers evaluate powder-handling plants not only in terms of production capacity, but also from the perspectives of convenience in maintenance and resistance to contamination, both of which features are incorporated into Toyo Hitec's design and appreciated by customers.
Moreover, the company has expanded its overseas engineering business for powder-handling plants and delivered many, not only in Japan, but also in China, Southeast Asia, and North America. Overseas plant engineering is conducted under the same technical standard as in Japan, including planning, estimation, design, on-site construction, and commissioning.
In the meantime, by diversifying into a related business and in consideration of the environment, the company launched the Reuse Business Division to provide customers with secondhand equipment in a short time at reasonable prices. Fortunately, the business has won high praise from customers to date.
The company, with its excellent powder-handling technology and various equipment and facilities already available here, also accepts contracted production for test samples and small volume orders from customers, in addition to holding training workshops for customers to help improve their skills from time to time, if requested.
Toyo Hitec will continue to develop its powder-handling technology. Rely on us.

Plant engineering

Plant engineering Toyo Hitec's core business is the engineering of powder-handling plants, in which the company has more than 50 years of experience. The company will provide customers with its best services in the engineering of powder-handling plants, based on its experience and technology and with quick response and dependable after-sales services.

Past track record Overseas engineering of powder-handling plants

Sales of powder-handling equipment

Sales of powder-handling equipment This is the company's product range embodying its powder-handling technologies in plant construction. The product range includes equipment specialized in conveying and feeding, improvement of the environment and working conditions, and unique, purpose-built specifications that are useful for customers.

Product range Powder Technology Center

Reuse business (sales and leasing of secondhand equipment)

Reuse business (sales and leasing of secondhand equipment) In consideration of environmental issues, Toyo Hitec launched arecycling business of secondhand machines, by purchasing pre-owned equipment, reconditioning it, and selling it to new customers with included warranty at a reasonable price, thus contributing to the efficient use of resources.

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