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R&D headquarters to open a future of powder technology

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This laboratory is established to be a headquarters of experiment, development, and transmission of technologies and solutions to the problems in powder-handling equipment and processes.

Since its foundation in October 1992, the laboratory as the headquarters for research and development of technologies for powder-handling equipment and processes has been enhancing its capabilities to respond to customers’ demand.
The laboratory with its advanced plant construction technologies based on the accumulated powder-handling know-how and the company’s extensive testing facilities enables various testing from the study stage to the actual production stage. The Powder Technology Center hopes to work together with customers to find solutions to problems in powder-handling equipment and processes.


  • Crushing
  • Classification
  • Mixing and drying
  • Measuring and filling


  • Conveying
  • Storage and discharging
  • Feeding


  • Test hopper to monitor discharging conditions